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Mopar Dream Cars

Over the years, Chrysler has built many Dream, concept, and show cars. In the left sidebar you will see a short list of them. If your favorite is missing -- we'd like to include it. See the below to see what it takes to publish your article.


A list of dream and low production cars I'd like to see articles done on include:

  • Chrysler Falcon

  • Dual Ghia

  • Ghias of the 60s

  • Imperial 'd Elegance

  • Charger III

  • Plymouth VIP

  • Dodge Daroo

  • Dodge Norseman

  • Chrysler 70X

  • Dodge Diamante

  • Cordoba de Oro

  • Plymouth Explorer

  • Chrysler Turboflite

  • Any other Mopar vehicle of interest


Please Carefully Follow These Instructions!


Simply write a 750 to 1,500 word article on the subject. DO NOT COPY THE MATERIAL OF ANOTHER! Put it in a Word document without indentations or line feeds.


Please run it through the spell and grammar checker (we're shooting for 9th-11th grade reading level) and have someone proof for you.


Finally include about five or six photos pertinent to your article that are no larger than 300 pixels wide or 300 pixels tall. Send these JPGs or GIFs as separate files and do not embed them in the Word document as it will not reproduce well on a web site. I can only use JPG or GIF image files.


Email your Word Document and to with MOPAR HISTORY ARTICLE in the Reference field.


Please help MoparStyle build context on this site.


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