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Who has gone to a gun show lately

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  • Who has gone to a gun show lately

    Couldn't find the old thread so here's a new one. Went to a gun show a couple of weeks ago but Friday, a buddy and I went to a surplus supply store but it was closed for the holidays so we ended up going by Carter Country (they were open!) where I found a used Remington 581 .22 rifle (of course it was used since they haven't produce them in over 30 years) for what I thought was a decent price. No big deal with that but I also bought a box of .22 'CB' shorts which are supposed to be pretty quiet. Man, shooting those makes this thing just as quiet if not more so as my pellet rifle!! A .22 long is probably around 10 times louder. The CB's are 29 grain where the .22 long is 40 grain. May have to test the CB's on a coyote if and when I'm out in back of my shop and one sticks his head out of the brush. I popped one with my pellet rifle at least 100 yards and to my surprise, he yelped and ran back into the brush and I haven't seen ANY of them since but I do hear them especially when an emergency vehicle passes by off in the distance. Used to see all kinds of small game until these coyotes came in. Haven't seen a rabbit in a couple of years now and it makes me wonder just what the coyotes are feeding on. It's been awhile but I've seen them in the neighborhood looking for something to eat and there have been a few small dogs here and there missing and I found the remains of a cat out back on the edge of the flood control ditch....

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    In the answer to the title, Never.

    I'm an online guy, although I bought two 9MMs, a 40cal, and a King Cobra at Carter Country on the Katy Fwy. - over twenty years ago. Got my last weapon (SW Body Guard .380 - Pocket gun that is always with me when I leave house) online and delivered through Bass Pro Shop. Same with a Pink 9mm I bought my middle daughter for her birthday a couple of years ago.
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      Haven't been for a while . Normally I buy & sell , just not buying lately .
      All throttle , no bottle .