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    image_2895.jpgWednesday night, our close friends and my former partner from 1990-1998 and her husband were robbed at gunpoint while exiting a restaurant at Memorial City in Houston. A car pulled up to them as they were walking to their car. A young black thug jumped out, put a gun to her head a demanded her purse.

    She had a 3ct rock on her hand and they both had expensive watches, but he appeared to have been a rookie. He normally carries, but didn't that night.

    No sense in carry if you can't pick and choose your times. My wife knows that in situations like that to give what he wants, the when he turns around to leave, she's to run the other way out of the line of fire of me or him fast, as I'll be opening fire.

    They spent all night having a locksmith rekeyed locks at their house while cancelling credit cards, The purse with wallet, less cash was found and returned last night.
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