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  • Devo for Sept 4th

    Great Beginnings

    1 Kings 3:14 And if you walk in obedience to me and keep my decrees and commands as David your father did, I will give you a long life.”

    One of the saddest stories in the Bible is that of Solomon, King of Israel. Given peace on all sides, vast riches, great wisdom, it would seem that nothing could go wrong. It is not so; Solomon was led astray by the many foreign wives he took, each with her own idol. The man whom God commissioned to build the Temple wound up worshiping idols. God promised him long life– If he would keep God’s commandments.

    That last is a recurring statement. In the Ten Commandments, long life is promised to those who honor their parents “as the Lord has commanded” them. It is God’s way of rewarding life long obedience.

    There is the key to this issue. Our pastor is fond of saying that life is not a sprint, but a marathon. (Can you tell who was on the track team in college?) It is quite the truth. God may reward specific acts of obedience, but this is not the method by which the saints receive their reward. Why? Because God wants us to know that he is not the great cosmic bean counter who tallies up your good deeds and your evil. There is no trade value before God.

    We are destined for eternity, and three score and ten seems little enough time to obtain the habit of obedience. The Army will tell you it takes two years to make a soldier. How long does it take to make a saint?

    Is this important? Let me put it in more familiar terms. Ladies, suppose your husband announced to you his intention to keep a sweet young thing as a play toy. But—he tells you—he will make it up to you by taking you shopping for a new, larger diamond solitaire. There is no diamond big enough. If your wife is a Christian, she should insist on your complete fidelity—and give the same to you.

    Now think on this: one of the common pictures the Bible uses to describe the relationship between Jesus and his church is marriage. The church is called the “Bride of Christ.” Ladies and gentlemen, if you would accept no infidelity in an earthly marriage, how much more will Christ insist on faithfulness from his church?

    It is sad that Solomon ended his reign in sin. But hear Christ’s warning: When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on the earth?

    Lord, our home for all eternity is with you. Lead and teach your children so that they arrive at their home.


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