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    Why Do I Still Struggle with Doubts About My Faith—And What Can I Do About It?

    No doubt about it: doubt scares many Christians. They stare into the dark, pestered by uncertainties and questions that make them feel anxious and vulnerable. When those times come, keep this in mind:
    • Doubt is not the opposite of faith; the opposite is unbelief.
    • Doubt is normal. Virtually every thinking person—regardless of beliefs—at times has doubts.
    • Even King David, John the Baptist, and the apostle Thomas doubted—yet they are considered heroes of our faith.
    • Doubts are not necessarily destructive; they can actually strengthen our faith.

    How should we respond to doubt?

    Step #1: Find the root of your doubt.

    Is it intellectual, caused by questions in your mind? Or emotional, based on things you feel (or don’t feel)? Or does it stem from your will—choices you make that hamper your relationship with God?

    Step #2: Ask God and others for help.

    When we suppress our doubts, we unwittingly give them more power. But when we admit them to God and to mature Christian friends, it’s amazing how their potency dissipates. Don’t try to face them alone.

    Step #3: Implement a course of treatment.

    Do you wrestle with intellectual doubts? Read great books, do extra research, and talk to Christians who have grappled with the same issues. Emotional doubts? Discuss them with a pastor or Christian counselor. Doubts related to your will? Let God guide your daily decisions—really obey him—and you will experience breakthroughs.

    Step #4: Take scrupulous care of your spiritual health.

    A healthy faith is the best antidote for the virus of doubt. Prioritize the daily habits and relationships that will keep you spiritually strong—prayer, Scripture reading, study, worship, and fellowship.

    Step #5: Hold your remaining questions in tension.

    Accept the fact that there are always more questions—and rejoice in knowing we’ll have an eternity in heaven to get all the answers!

    “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” - Jesus, in John 8:31–32

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    Investing Faith by Lee Strobel (former Athiest)

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