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    Devo for Sunday April 7

    He Laughs!!
    What makes something funny? Let’s admit it—a lot of our humor is based on the misfortune of others, on ridicule, on someone else’s embarrassment or pain. When Jerry hits Tom in the face with a frying pan, when someone slips on a banana peel, people laugh.

    Does God have a sense of humor? You would probably think not. The Bible presents his thoughts and words with such intensity, such earnestness, such solemnity, that you just can’t imagine Father, Son, or Holy Spirit ever cracking a joke. Still, he laughs.

    Just as the absurdity of life seems funny now and then, God looks at human pretension and pride and puffery and sometimes just loses it. In Psalm 2 the Father looks down at the high and mighty of earth and their proud defiance of him.

    Their puny plans look silly to him: “The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them” (Psalm 2:4).

    Read 1 Samuel chapter 5. When the Philistines had seized the holy ark of the covenant and placed it in the temple of their god Dagon, God could have brought any manner of catastrophe upon them—burning sulfur from heaven, lightning bolts, plagues, the angel of death. Do you know what he did? He struck them with what were probably severe hemorrhoids. They begged the Israelites to take their ark back.

    Tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

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