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    Klotho Can’t Save Us
    The New York Times just published a fascinating article describing the discovery of a hormone in the brain now dubbed “Klotho.” The discovery, made while scientists were trying to find ways to treat dementia and Alzheimer’s, found that Klotho was highly important for healthy brain function. But early trials have shown that increasing Klotho may do more than just restore a damaged brain—it could potentially enhance a healthy one.

    This raises questions: What does God think about efforts like this to create superhumans? Even if we could do this, should we do it?

    The science is complex, but the ethics are clear. We shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that somehow being more intelligent will solve humanity’s problems. Our brains are not the problem—it’s what we use our brains to do. If our hearts are evil, we’ll use our brains to do evil. Consider, for instance, that Germany in the 1930s was perhaps the most educated and advanced society on earth. Then they elected an evil dictator who skillfully used Germany’s intelligence to run an efficient extermination of millions.

    There’s no drug or hormone that can fix what is wrong with us. Only Christ can do that.
    God, in this time of incredible technological advancement, give us clear eyes to see what is happening through a biblical lens. Give us the mind of Christ. May we be wise and careful in how we employ emerging technologies. May we not invest them with outsized importance. Set our hope on the coming kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, who will heal every disease and give us glorified, resurrected bodies.

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