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  • Sunday Jan 20 Devo

    Something Worth Dying For

    Read Daniel 3:1-25

    v.18 – Let it be known to you, O King, that we do not serve your gods.

    Many go through life not having a cause they truly believe in, nothing worth dying for. I read an article the other day that kinda struck a chord with me. I guess because I spent several years in the Army back in the sixties, during the Vietnam War.

    It talked about two young men who enlisted in the Army back in World War ll. It said that this one young man saw a list of names printed in the newspaper that had recently been killed in combat. Among those names was his brother Cornelius and several of his friends. The last time he and his brother talked they were both at home on leave before going overseas. He was a medical assistant and his brother was a gunner on a low-altitude bomber. Like most soldiers, he didn’t think he would be killed in action. Although he knew it might happen, he was eager to take his place in the war effort. I’m sure he would have said that the defeat of Nazism and all its evils was something worth dying for.

    Thank God for the thousands who have followed their example. A few years ago my wife and I took a trip to Washington DC. The first thing I went to see was the Vietnam Memorial. No doubt, some of the names listed there were friends of mine. Today, many of us live in a free democratic society because men and women gave their lives to defeat tyranny and evil.

    If we believe most of the news we see and read it would seem that a self-sacrificial attitude is all but lost in today’s society. That we are all out for number one, and nothing here or across the sea is worth dying for.

    In today’s scripture reading, the three friends of Daniel were willing to be cast in a fiery furnace rather than bow down to pagan gods. To them, the truth was worth dying for!


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