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    A Key to Success In The New Year
    And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

    Itís a new year, and youíve probably thought of one or two goals youíd like to achieve this year. And if youíre like many people, in a few weeks you will have all but given up on these goals. Why? Because weíve all been conditioned to expect instant gratification and we feel the results of our work donít come quickly enough.

    I donít mean to sound harsh in my analysis here but admit it; weíve all been guilty of giving up a bit too soon on a well-intentioned New Yearís resolution, havenít we?

    But consider this: anything that improves our being, whether physically, mentally, relationally, or even financially, is desired for us by God. However, God isnít going to do the work on our behalf. His Word will guide us, and His Spirit will strengthen and inspire us, but we are responsible for taking action. And we must also remember that the results of our effortsówhen led by Godówill not only be pleasing to him but will happen in his timing, not ours. So the key to achieving success is to be patient.

    After all, patience is a Fruit of the Spirit. But itís important to remember that the will of the Holy Spirit is in constant opposition to our sinful desires. In other words, if youíve set a goal of losing 10 pounds before spring, then you have to lift at the gym and eat healthier foods, even when lying on the couch and eating ice cream sound way more appealing. And when we feel like we should see the results of our hard work, thatís our will taking over Godís. Our desires will always look for the quick and easy way out, while the will of the Spirit requires a difficult path.

    So as you pursue your goals this year, remember to allow yourself to be led by God, fueled by His Spirit, work hard, and be patient with your results. If youíre obedient to Him, the results will come, and they will be beyond measure.

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