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  • July 27 Devo

    Are You Ready to Die?

    Are you ready to die? What a question.

    I mean it, are you really ready to die? It's incredible how busy we people get.

    You get up between 5:30 and 7 in the mornings you rush to get ready for work, you get in your car, you fit the traffic.

    Then you spend the morning meeting appointments.
    You grab a quick bite of lunch, you spend the afternoons trying to catch up on what you should have finished last week. Again, you fight the traffic getting home, you sit down at the dinner table about 6 or 7 and then you're out again doing something seemingly every night of the week.

    Then as if you even had time to consider it you try to figure out things to do to increase your income because you're afraid your outgoing is causing your downfall.

    Am I right again? In all that business you don't have time to consider some things important, you know?

    Like what I've just asked you. Are you ready to die?

    We're all going to do that, all of us will die. Are you ready?

    I understand Al Capone's take in 1927 was reported to have been 105 million dollars.
    His take when he died was zip, zero, nada. At his funeral there was not a cent
    in his hands, he couldn't take one Indian head nickel with him.

    The personal wardrobe of one of Chicago's wealthiest women, an estimated 25,000 pieces of clothing, was sold after her death at public auction for $40,000.

    She was Mrs. Violet Bidwell Woofner. Her wardrobe was sold at a 3 day auction by order of the Cook County probate court.

    Her clothes included more than 1,000 dresses with purses to match each dress, 500 coats, and 1,500 pairs of shoes. She was 62 when she died some years ago in Miami, FL and she left an estate of 3 million dollars to her adopted sons. Violet said she left her estate. That's exactly what she did, she left it all behind.

    What I'm trying to say is, I don't care what you make in life, how much money, how much prestige you have, all that, you're going to leave behind. You've got to take some time in life to consider the inevitable.

    There's one thing we are all going to do and that's die.

    Are you ready?

    We do all we can to avoid it [death], look at all the vitamins we take. How many people jog just to stay healthy? Hospitals are filled and running over with people trying to get well.

    We want to live. I'm not against health matters. Sometimes I think we try to bribe death.

    Sometime ago a gangster named Dutch Schultz was shot. When he was rushed to the hospital he feebly reached into his pocket and pulled out a bundle.

    He pressed it into the hands of one of the interns and said, "Here's something for you, pal. Take good care of me.

    It was a row of bills, $725.00. There was a guy who thought that money could buy anything.
    It had always bought him protection before. You can't be like the ostrich and stick your head in the sand and make death go away.

    All you can do is face it. Are you ready to die?

    I mean really ready? The Bible says one day Jesus will return again with his mighty angels and flaming fire, taking vengeance on those who are not ready to die.

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    bulletin insert ~ Camden Ave. Church of Christ

    bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

    Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:




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