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    Recently, I spoke a message on Patriotism and Christianity. I'll try to summarize. Are they the same? Can you be both a patriot and and a Christian? Well they're not the same, but you can be both and not violate biblical teaching. The vast majority of the signers of the D of I were orthodox Christian, (not saying they were perfect) but Regardless of what you may here, we are and are still the only Nation founded upon the Christian faith and values, no matter how hard some want to write that out of our history.

    ~Washington said you cannot rightly govern w/o God and the Bible.
    ~J.Adams said basically the same except w/o the Ten Commandments (remember those?)
    ~The Pilgram Charter of 1620 stated the purpose was to advance the enlargement of the Christian faith to the glory of God
    ~Andrew Jackson said the bible is the rock upon which our Republic rests.
    ~Did you know that it was Congress that formed the American Bible Society and one of it's first acts was to distribute 20,000 bibles to our citizens.
    ~ J. Adams in 1821 wrote that the highest glory of the American Revolution was it connected in one undissolvable bond the principles of civil gov't with the principles of Christianity.
    ~On top of the Washington monument are the words "Laus Deo" Praise be to God. I can go on and on (as most of you who know me....)

    I always wondered if we're not wrong to honor a nation along or above God, but I do believe we can honor our nation in it's proper perspective, especially when it was founded on the precepts and concepts of the Bible and Christianity. in 2006, our former Pres. Obama stated we are not a Christian nation (at least, not just). We can argue this statement and his intent, but my point is, I do believe that maybe we've wandered away from our foundings, but we are still. But I will also say I sometimes wonder. Israel did as well, but God let them return. Numerous times. So, Maybe that's why we're loved and hated so by the world.

    Christians are loved (for what we do) and hated (for who we represent). People still come here for what we have to offer . No other nation on earth is as charitable as we are. No other nation will come to the rescue and help more than the US.

    I know some of you reading will disagree, that's fine. Some will say our founders are anything BUT Christian. Not my place nor yours to decide. But when I put my hand over my beating heart, I feel no idolatry nor blasphemy, because I know this nation does and can still represent the faith and Lord that I have given my life to. So yes, I do believe we can be both a Patriot and a Christian. I look at our nation, I do believe it's still a Christian nation. Sure we've wandered, and fell. So have I, but I'm still a Christian, I'm not perfect, neither is our nation, but by golly, I'd rather be here than any other nation and serve no other God. So today, give some thought to what our nation stands for, who and what we represent and what it represents.

    Hava splendid 4th.

    Bill the Magnumguy


    bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

    Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:




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