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    Same Day

    Leviticus 7:12-15

    Buried deep in Leviticus we find what appears to be another regulation for another type of sacrifice that no one uses, nor cares about, nor has cared about for the last two thousand years. It appears to be just about useless. But, we know, God does not put the useless into the Scriptures, for all Scripture is inspired—and is profitable, Paul tells Timothy. So this was put there not just for the ancient Jew, but for us to learn from.

    Thanksgiving offering. Say the word "Thanksgiving" to the average American and he will respond with images of a feast centered around a large turkey. The picture is a good one, for it tells us how we should be thankful to God.

    The ancient Israelites had a little different view. When they wanted to give thanks to God, they would prepare an offering of Thanksgiving. That's not so much different as it might seem. In those times, when you brought an offering of any kind, the priests (on behalf of God) got a certain, preordained section of the offering. You got the rest. But there was usually an instruction to eat it up quickly (this is the only place that I find same day, though). So you would probably have that feast anyway. You could not eat the fat (must be burned) so it seems the feast would have been approved by my doctor.

    We, today, hardly ever hear of a thanksgiving offering. But the Old Testament example is strong. When my children were born, my wife and I gave a small amount extra to the church as a thanksgiving to God. We didn't "owe" it; we did it for sheer joy. We were so grateful for our children (and still are).

    There is one other coincidence to find. This is the only place where the Israelites were told to consume the offering the same day. But the phrase "same day" has another use. If a man was executed by hanging on a tree, the body was not to be left up on the tree overnight. The body was to be cut down and buried on the same day.

    The body of Christ was cut down from the cross for that reason. He was buried on the same day. Those who had him executed were following the Old Testament regulation. But behind that, can we not see the rule for the thanksgiving offering here? For of all the things for which I can give thanks, my Lord's death is certainly one.

    Lord, we are often told to give thanks, but seldom told to give a thanksgiving offering. May our lives and actions do what our mouths say.

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