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  • Devo for March 11/12

    A Hot Tempered Man

    Proverbs 15:18..... Losing your temper causes a lot of trouble, but staying calm settles arguments.

    Take a very careful look again at this passage. At first it seems rather trivial; if you're a hot tempered fellow, you're always in an argument. That seems rather obvious. Look again. This is not about the trouble such a man gets into. It's about the trouble he stirs up. The patient man intervenes in quarrels to bring peace; the hot tempered man intervenes to make quarrels worse. Why?

    · Who rules the heart? If Christ rules, then you should train your emotions to practice peace. If the self rules, then you will practice passion—and you will expect it in others.
    · Who rules the soul? If Christ rules, then you will imitate him—the Prince of Peace. If the self rules, then anger feels good; even anger observed is better than no anger at all.
    · Who rules the mind? If Christ rules, then you will work to do his will: in all things, love. If the self rules, you will see "divide and conquer" in every argument.

    Do you know such a man? Have you been his victim? Look around; you can find this man by looking for the nearest argument. He started it, usually between two friends. If this man is a Christian, you have a duty to perform. You are the first step in church discipline. Show him this passage; rebuke him for his habit. He may not even be aware of what he is doing; it simply feels good, and he's fallen into a bad habit. To turn a man from this is a great mercy.

    If the man is not a Christian, then (as much as you are able) avoid him. He does you no good, nor anyone else. Do not treat him as an erring brother; only Christians would recognize anger as sin in the world today. If you think not, turn on the TV. Watch a wrestling match. It's passionate anger, with commercials.
    But what if you are such a man? Is there any hope? Hope there is indeed, but you must take this to your Lord:

    · Begin by recognizing your sin, repenting—and asking forgiveness from those you have wronged.
    · Seek the help of other Christians in holding you accountable.
    · Remember the Lord's prayer: "Lead us not into temptation." The phrase is there for a purpose.

    Lord, keep us from anger. Keep us from ruining ourselves with it, or enjoying it in others. Give us strength and wisdom to deal with those who are gripped by this sin.

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