Sunday February 25 Devotion

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  • Sunday February 25 Devotion

    Blessed Are The Meek

    Matthew 5:3

    There is a curious parallel between the Beatitudes and some of the Psalms. In particular, they resemble what is called a Psalm of Ascent—a psalm specifically designed to be sung while ceremonially going up each step towards the Temple. The order in which the phrases are to be sung is considered important; each step gets its own phrase (or verse, as we might say).

    It is fitting that the first step in Christ’s Psalm of Ascent should be a blessing on the humble. So often the Scripture tells us that our daily walk is a matter of the heart; the heart, therefore is the first step. The heart acceptable to God is the humble heart.

    But notice this: in Christ’s Psalm of Ascent the emphasis is upon the blessing that God gives. See, then, the marvelous blessing he gives to those of humble heart: the kingdom of heaven itself. The point was clearer in earlier times. Paul once boasted that he was a “Roman born” - for in that time being a citizen of the Roman Empire was a privilege greatly prized. The protections of a citizen were great; the authorities treated them differently. A mere peasant could be flogged at the whim of the officer; a citizen, only after a formal trial and conviction.

    What, then, are the blessings of the kingdom of heaven?

    · If the humble call upon God in time of trouble, He will hear them. Trouble must call at God’s gate first.

    · If the humble call upon God in time of peace, He will lift them up, sustaining them.

    This is a matter of divine style. He prefers to work with the humble, so that when great things are done those around will ask themselves, “How can those so lowly do things so great?” The answer is that God has chosen the humble, as he has chosen the foolishness of preaching, to confound the arrogant.

    A Korean pastor (alas, I do not have record of his name) once remarked upon the fact that the history of Latin America has been a series of coups d’etat, military juntas and tyranny. The history of North America has been one of long-lived democracy. He points out the reason: the men who settled Latin America came for gold. The men who settled North America came for God. Blessed are those humble enough to seek the kingdom—for they shall enter.

    Lord, our world tells us that only the arrogant will succeed. Without you, this is true. With you, all things are possible.


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