January 26 Devotion

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  • January 26 Devotion

    God-Devised Mysteries
    God . . . devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him” (2 Samuel 14:14).

    God works in mysterious ways. You hear that so often you might start to think it’s an actual Bible passage, right? It’s not. Though there is truth to it. God doesn’t think the way we think. God doesn’t do things the way we do things. The ways he has devised to end our banishment from him seem mysterious too.

    To be clear, there is no doubt about the one way God used to end our eternal banishment. Only because Jesus has taken our sin away and given us his righteousness can we approach God. That said, God devises plenty of ways to keep our wandering attention on him. For Jonah, who was literally running away, he provided a great fish to swallow him to bring him back. It took the prodigal son a long time and a lot of hunger to realize that being separated isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    For us it might be a car accident or a job loss or loneliness that brings us back to him.

    God isn’t interested in keeping you comfortable. He is interested in making sure you aren’t banished. And he is not against using ways that seem mysterious to bring you back.
    What in your life has been God-allowed or even God-sent that woke you up to your separation from him? Thank him for it today.

    By Linda Buxa

    bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

    Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:




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