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  • Devo for December 15

    A Heart of Wisdom

    Psalm 90:1-12

    Those who grew up in California will know the “drop drill.” School children are taught this from the earliest days. It is simply so that if an earthquake strikes, the child will seek cover under something structurally sound. Note please that such a shelter must be strong; holding your hands over your head is of no use.

    A shelter must be strong. For the Christian, God is the shelter to run to—and He is very strong. His nature is eternal; indeed, His name is “I Am.” The author of this Psalm, Moses, had plenty of opportunity to see the power of God. No doubt he imagined it had limits—at first. But at the end of his life he could look back and make the awed comparison: man, compared to God, is so much burning grass. His power ultimately is beyond our imaginings—but we can see the works of his hands, and know how much greater he is than we can be.

    But that power is not like that of the earthquake. The earthquake damage can be prevented by strong structure; it can be remedied with construction again. God is far beyond that. If he ordains that a man die, there is nothing which can be done to prevent it.

    Why, then, would God do this? Moses—who had seen just how rebellious man can be—explains it simply: sin. Sin first and foremost is an offense against Almighty God, and He will not be shy about repaying the offender. The righteous God is angry with the wicked, and sweeps them away.

    Of course, it often occurs to us to remark, “But not soon enough for me.” Remember that He does not want anyone to perish; his will is that all would be saved. But if a man is to be saved, something needs to be done about sin. Of course, the power to do that work was provided by Christ at the Cross. We, however, have a role to play in this. We must claim that sacrifice and rely on it.

    Moses gives us good advice here: teach us to number our days.
    · Number our days—so that we don’t repent “later” when it’s too late.
    · Number our days—so that we may gain a heart of wisdom, and so redeem the time we have left.
    God knows the number of your days. You don’t. Be wise, and do not delay your repentance.

    Lord, we so often act as if we would have all time to turn our attention to you. Teach us to turn to you at all times.


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