November 13 Devotional

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  • November 13 Devotional

    Ins and Outs

    Psalm 24:3-5

    The story is told—though I can’t confirm that it is true—that one of the Chicago newspapers sent out a journalist and a photographer to prepare a story about the first-ever energy producing nuclear reaction. The journalist began by asking questions. The photographer soon bored of this, so he took charge. “OK I need three pictures. First, one of you guys standing around the atom. Then a picture of it being split, and finally you guys standing around the pieces.”

    Of course, we cannot see the atom being split; it’s too small. All we can see are its effects. There is a similar principle in this Psalm. There are the externals we see; there are the internals which we know should be there. To have the externals without the internals makes you a hypocrite. If you have the internals, you will soon see the externals. Consider David’s pairings:

    · Clean hands, the external symbol of a pure heart. In David’s time the ceremonial washing would be a proclamation of the pure heart. People assumed that a hypocrite would risk God’s wrath (which, by the way, is true.) Our good works, ceremonial or otherwise, should show that we are those of pure heart—blessed are they, for they shall see God.

    · Lifting the soul to vanity is the internal thought which results in sworn deceit. The phrase evidently refers to the worship of idols. The thought is simple: if you really worship anything but God, the lie will soon be on your lips. After all, you can go back to your new god and buy righteousness. Real righteousness is too expensive to be purchased; it has to be given away freely.

    · Blessing is the external sign of righteousness of the God of salvation. I would have you note that the external sign is not always riches; often it can be the joy-filled life. The principle is quite simple: God loves to bless those who are his own true children.

    Such children of God are welcome in their Father’s house. These are the ones whose inside matches their outside. Not hypocrites, but not super-saints either. The grace of God throws open wide the doors of his house.

    Lord, perfection is not in us—but we should try to do as we can. Thank you for the open doors of the house of the Lord.

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