November 12 Devotion

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  • November 12 Devotion

    Testing Time

    Psalm 15

    David, in this short psalm, asks a question and answers it. The question is simply what kind of person is the kind that God will allow in his presence? David gives us a checklist for integrity:

    · Do you keep your integrity everywhere you go, or is left behind “on the road?”

    · Do you do the right thing, no matter where you are?

    · Are you truthful—both in your words and in your thoughts?

    · Is slander pleasant for you, or do you measure your words?

    · Are you one who feels that other people deserve the hard time you give them?

    · If you hear someone complaining about one of your friends, do you join the chorus?

    · Do you hold the malignant in esteem or in contempt?

    · Do you uphold other Christians?

    · When you give your word, do you perform it, even when it’s clear that it’s going to cost you?

    · When your friend or relative asks to borrow, are you quick to see this as a money-making opportunity, or a chance to help?

    · Are you known to be someone who can be influenced by a “gift?”

    All these things have a common thread: You can do what pleases God—or your going to be justifying yourself. Can you hear the excuses? “My wife will never know.” “It was only a little white lie.” “He deserved what he got.” “I was just making conversation; I never thought anyone would take it seriously.” “Circumstances have changed.” “Hey, it’s money—I should get a fair return.” “It’s standard business practice.”

    Integrity is not a commodity so much as it is a style. You do things honestly because you’re honest, not because honesty is the best policy. You walk the strait and narrow because that’s the direction you’re going.

    The list of questions is three thousand years old. It was written by a king who understood the temptations and pressures at the top. Things haven’t changed much, have they?

    Lord, in your mercy lead us in the strait and narrow. The way is hard and the road rough, but it’s the one that leads to You.

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