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  • October 8 Devo

    It Ain't Over Till It's Over

    Isaiah 26:19-21

    From the earliest times in Israel, through the prophets and particularly in the New Testament, there is clear testimony to something which the world cannot accept: the resurrection of the dead. In this passage, the teaching is made quite explicit. It's interesting how the Sadducees had to ignore the prophetic works of the Old Testament—because they didn't fit with their new, modern scheme of thinking. It wasn't possible; therefore it could not be prophesied.

    The Resurrection of our Lord shows us the contrary. He is the first born from among the dead. Notice, please, that this is a physical resurrection. Thomas was told to put his hand in Christ's side, his fingers in the nail holes. Christ ate with them at the Sea of Galilee. This is not a disembodied spirit; this is human, a spirit in a body. It's just that the body is of the new style. That same physical resurrection is promised to us, too.

    Something else comes with it. It is the Day of Wrath, God will go through the people of the earth to punish the guilty. So how does he keep his children from suffering? He tells them to go inside and hide themselves in an inner room. It sounds suspiciously like our instructions on prayer. Perhaps Isaiah is foreshadowing Christ's word on this.
    We may note one other thing. The perfect crime won't be. At this time all the sins of man will be laid bare, ready for the judgment. Some will tell you that God cannot be both righteous and omnipotent, because sinners still walk the earth. God is both; he's also not finished with us yet.

    Curious, is it not, that most people have an instinctive fear of ghosts? We know that a human being must have a body—and we'd rather not face one who doesn't. But on that day he will face us as truly human, body and all. It will be a time of wrath and punishment, but also a time of forgiveness and reward for those who love him.
    Keeping that in mind, what does this mean to me today? First, it means that anything you think is hidden is coming out in the open. It means that God will pass righteous judgment on it—and on you. You don't know when this will happen; but God's righteousness ensures that it will. Live, therefore, like one with nothing to hide. It ain't over till it's over. But then it's over.

    Lord, we do not know time, but we see the signs of the time. Keep us in your hands. There is no safer place.




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