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  • Sept. 28 Devo

    The Bosom of Fools

    Ecclesiastes 7:9

    Solomon lived in happier times than we do. In his day he could say that anger resides in the bosom of fools. In our time it does not merely reside there—it thrives there.

    The eagerness with which we seek to be angry can be seen in our motion pictures. Studios, anxious to court the “young male” market, have settled on a formula. The “hero” is an angry man, thirsting for vengeance. And—a few car chases, explosions, shootings later—he gets it. We have fallen to the point where vicarious rage fills movie theaters. We no longer call such people “fools” when the word “customer” is available.

    Why do we seek such anger? It’s because we enjoy it so much. If we can enjoy our anger without getting hurt, so much the better. If it causes no pain, anger—especially self-righteous anger—is very much enjoyed. We like to think that such anger is harmless—after all, the victim is really just an image on the screen, right? True enough. But the first and greatest victim of anger is the one who is angry. Rage builds upon rage, and sooner or later it ceases to be harmless.

    But do you not see that this is not a universal characteristic? It is decidedly masculine as a rule. Why is it that some men are fools and others are not?

    · Some men enjoy the role of “rebel without a cause.” Without a cause, with a temper.

    · Some see it in a sporting light. I get angry, everyone else rushes around, and look what fun I’m having.

    · Here’s a big reason: the fool simply does not ask for, or take, good advice.

    · He not only won’t take advice; he won’t examine himself.

    · One common cause is this: he is the center of the universe, and loves to show off.

    That last is important. The athletes of our day consider it necessary to let all others know how great they are. Is it any wonder little children have mastered “trash talk?”

    There is a solid reason why anger resides in the bosom of fools. Wise men won’t have it.

    Lord, give us the gift of reflecting on our anger, so that we might apply wisdom to it—and gain peace from it.



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