March 16 Devotion

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  • March 16 Devotion

    While President Harry S. Truman was in office, there was an attempt made to assassinate him. Endeavoring to protect the President, one of his guards was killed. With deep sadness, the President commented, "You canít understand how a man feels when somebody else dies for him.Ē"

    I would think, after such an experience, that the remainder of Trumanís life would become very special. After all, without the self -sacrifice of that guard, the President would not have had those remaining years of life.

    Each day would seem very precious, because of itís having been purchased for him by the shedding of another manís blood.

    Does this sound familiar? Does the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, have the same kind of meaning for us?

    Can we really understand what it means to have someone die-choose to sacrifice their life so that we might have the opportunity for eternal life? Jesus did do this for us. Once we truly understand, the remainder of life takes on a new and different meaning, just like it did for president Truman!

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    Garry Herridge / Camden Avenue church of Christ

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