March 12 Devotion

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  • March 12 Devotion

    Reduced to a Loaf of Bread

    Proverbs 6:23-26

    Explaining a passage like this to the politically correct is a misadventure in the English language.

    We don’t have prostitutes anymore; have you noticed? We have “sex workers.” Why? “Sex” is a positive word; so is “worker.” Therefore by changing the label we have made them part of decent society. This comes, of course, from the same people who hold that marital fidelity is a terrible mistake. After all, how do you expect to improve your sexual technique?

    The truth is radically different. There is an “only-ness” to sexual relations, given by God. Until recently it could be said that a man always wanted to be her first lover—and she wanted to be his last. There’s only one way to make that work.

    Today’s opinion goes beyond that. The prostitute is seen as (get this) a virtuous outlet for sexuality. After all, it is reasoned, the prostitute constitutes no threat to wife and family; she’s just hired help. There is no chance that she’ll ask the man to divorce his wife and abandon his kids. Right.

    The adulteress too has been transformed. Since she’s in a stable marriage of her own (!), she too is no longer a threat. It’s just a little fun on the side, and improving your technique. I suppose this is better than the new “sex on first date” style; but not much.

    The truth is much more grim. To the prostitute you are a cash transaction. The effect that prostitution has upon your marriage, your conscience (and possibly your body) is none of her concern..

    But the truth is far worse with the married paramour. The adulteress seeks your very soul, whether you know it or not.

    · First, an affair defiles your conscience. You have taken the most solemn vows of fidelity; so has she. You have broken yours and helped her break hers. If you take that lightly, your conscience is nearly dead.

    · More than that, when you do such a thing you give Satan a firm grip on your soul. The passionate few moments alter your relationships for life; you must cover up, conceal. Satan will use this to push you into more lies, more adultery.

    Proverbs were written for the young man. But the rest of us can see the benefit in this too.

    Lord, sometimes we see stupidity best when it’s in the rear view mirror. Keep us from Satan’s lies and grasp.

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    bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

    Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:




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