On topic has an index....but off topic doesn't??

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  • On topic has an index....but off topic doesn't??

    I'm I missing something here? It's easy to find things in the Mopar Topic area but not so easy in the Non-Mopar Topic section.....

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    That is a mouthful!!! I stumble finding anything non Mopar... I thought it was just me... It's so bad it's effecting how long I use the site...
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      You have to 'subscribe' to everything off topic for one.....


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        This îsn't that tough.

        First off you have to realize that there are now Four very separate areas of MoparStyle, all represented with a tab.
        1. Mopar Topic is obviously for the topics regarding Mopar cars and trucks. When you are in that area, there is an index in the right sidebar for those threads, sorted by last reply, or vote the case of a poll. The reason for not combining on and off topic threads is that there are a high percentage of people who will only come to a Mopar site for Mopar posts, and feel so offended by non-Mopar posts that they stop coming. To increase and keep members, we can't drive those members away. I know it sounds crazy to some, but all you have to do is admin a couple Mopar groups on Facebook and you'll see all of the complaints and reports if someone posts off topic.
        2. For those of use who want to discuss subjects other than Mopar with our MoparStyle friends, it is just a simple click of the Non-Mopar tab. That section too has an index of threads in the right sidebar, but only for posts in the groups you've joined. If you're not a Member of the group, then you won't see those posts in the index. For instance, if there is a group each for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard - but you were in the Navy and don't give a Rat's Ass about the other branches; then you join the Navy Group and not the others. You will then only see the Navy posts in the index. I personally have Joined all of the group's. Likewise you can create and administer a Group if there's a topic you feel that isn't represented. That group can be Public or Private. For instance, say you're a member of the Crypts gang and there's not a group for you and other MoparStyle members who are Crypts, you can create a group, invite other Crypts Bros, and make it Private so the Bloods don't know when you're coming after them. So join the groups that a future pôst might interest you, and stay away from the groups that you have no interest in. Also in the right sidebar under the index of posts in your groups, is a list of groups you belong to.
        3. Next Tab s News. For the most part that is going to be site updates from me, or Mopar industry news.
        4. The final portion of the site is the blog. Each member is entitled to their own blog, You can use it for virtually any legal purpose you wish. If you're a little girl, you could use it as your diary. "Dear Diary, I have a hangnail that hurts, and Ricky winked at me. He's so cute!" Or if you're a Drag racer you could use it to be the shop diary of work performed, and race updates. Heck you can make it your web site like www.TexasWhaleRacing.com. You could even register a domain and have it forward to your blog if you wish Your imagination is your only limitation,
        There will be pages added in the future. For instance, in the works is a Lifer page with one of the features being a Lifer photo album that they can use to hôst the photos in their pôsts, like the one I use at: http://www.moparstyle.com/photos/

        Look, I know it is different than what's been here for last sixteen years, but a little effort and you will find that it not only that it isn't that difficult, but s also better.
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          Yup....it just takes a bit of time to learn and 'then' remember it. Remembering things when there's so many other changes going on in life in general is the problem lol. This site and others plus learning a new phone and even my banking and stock site have all made changes in recent months. Why does everyone have to make changes at the same time....and my imagination IS my limitation lol





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