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  • WordPress - Instant Web Site, no experience needed

    Since WordPress, even my mother deep in her 80s can create and maintain a web site, because you don't need to know a lick of code. If you can post on Facebook, you can Create and Maintain a WordPress Website.

    A couple reasons why you might want a web site are:
    • Personal Blog (the original purpose of WordPress)
    • Your business
    • Your Team
    • Your Family or School Reunion
    • Your Church
    • Your Home Owners Association
    • Your Car Club
    • Your Race Team
    • any other interest
    A few examples of my WordPress sites are:
    The following are the simple Step by Step instructions on how to create a web site:
    • First you need a domain name for visitors to your site to type into their browser's address bar to get to your site. Think of a good domain name and check its availability at: Southern Star Hosting and then register it (less than $10 a year). I suggest Private Registration, to keep domain name ownership contact information out of public view.
    • Next you need to have your site hosted on a web server. For WordPress you have two Options, both $6.99mo. The first is Managed WordPress Hosting, which is the least hassle because Southern Star Hosting sets it all up and updates the software for each new release.This is a good option if don't intend to do anything other than have a WordPress site. The second is Shared Hosting, where you do have to do a little bit (but super easy) of work to set up the WordPress, but you also get access to dozens of other applications beside WordPress. You can add a forum, photo gallery, Wiki, and dozens of other cool options. I always choose the second option.
    • So now that you have a domain name and a hosting account, you need to link them together. Assuming you have both through Southern Star Hosting, you log into your account, click the Domain Manager, and select the domain name you want to change hosting (if you have more than one), go to hosting, and select the option of hosted at Southern Star Hosting. Pretty simple.
    • Finally, install WordPress, which is aso Super simple. While logged into your account, select Hosting Manager and you'll see an unassigned hosting account. Select it and a drop down box of all of your domain names appears - so select your domain name for this hosting account. it will guide you through a simple setup process where you do little things like give the user name and password to access your Control Panel, and an email account. The last thing it will ask is if you want a WordPress application. If you select Yes - you will be asked in what directory (defaults to Home), the name of the sīte/blog, and your log in username and password. It then installs it for you. If you don't have a WordPress application installed during the Hosting setup process, you can always install WordPress (multiple if you want many websites for same domain) applications later.
    That's really all there is to creating a web site. You log into the WordPress admin ( and you can change your viewing style (called themes) from thousands, add features (called plugins), and add your posts and/or pages. No understanding of code is required. Again, my far from computer savvy mother can do this,

    When WordPress releases an upgrade, it is one simple click to apply it.

    If you have any questions about using WordPress, you can ask here and I'll answer.

    Other references on WordPress can be found at:
    Visitors are encouraged to be Members, by registering.
    Members are encouraged to be Participants, by posting.
    Check out my Blog "Life & Times of an Old NSS Racer"