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  • This social group is available for transfer

    I've created this Social Group to be open to the public -- and available for all members to join. It is an example of Social Groups that the Premium members can create and administer.

    Frankly, I'm a little too busy with the administration of the Board to be administering Social Groups -- so in time, I will transfer the administration of this social group to any Premium Member interested in maintaining it. It is not a difficult job -- just being active in posting and ensuring no one goes crazy or spams.

    Premium Members have the ability to create a Social Group on most any legal non-Mopar (as those posts should be posted in the forums) subject -- except hate, porn, or other illegal or immoral topics. Further -- they have the ability to create a "Private - By Invitation Only" Social Group, which will not be viewable by other members.

    Feel free to join and to invite other members who feel might be interested.
    Visitors are encouraged to be Members, by registering.
    Members are encouraged to be Participants, by posting.
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