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    What if there was some type of attack on the banking system? It could be Cyber, it could be electromagnetic terrorism, or even an attack on the electrical grid that could bring our financial system to its knees - at least temporarily. Longer turn devaluation of US Currency could occur because of Nuclear attack, Federal Reserve Scandal, Forgery Scandal, Gold inventory scandal, Race Rioting/Revolution, Treasury misreporting scandal, Deficit Scandal or a variety of other reasons. Cash becoming worthless has happened to many places at many times in history. We all hope it will never happen in our lifetime, but what if it did? Do you have a plan?

    Should it happen, you'll see a lot of Black Market bartering for essentials like food, ammo, fuel...

    A bartering currency most desired will be precious metals. While silver and Gold Eagles and ingot/bars could be used for very large purchases - what will be used for bread, milk, fuel and other emergency items if currency has wild devaluations or fluctuations?

    Junk silver is 90% silver US coins minted prior to 1964, which is too worn to be collectible. It is sold in $100 Face Value bags, and the going rate of a bag as I write this is $1250 for a combination bag of dimes, quarters, as half dollars. In those denominations it could be used for quick bartering currency of physical value to anyone you'd want to barter with.

    Five or ten bags properly hidden in a secure but accessible to you place away from your home would go a long way towards initial survival goods you don't have. Think about it!

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Are you prepared for a disaster? Nuclear attack, Terrorist attack, race war/riot, pandemic? If you are, or wanna be, this is the group to join.
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