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  • Krack Attack

    There is a new WIFI virus called Krack, which can install Ransomare on your devices.

    In a nutshell, the best way to protect yourself is to:
    • Keep your phone's operating system up to date
    • Update the firmware on your Router
    • Update the firmware on your wireless printers
    • Update your computers operating system and drivers
    • Keep your antivrus and firewall updated
    • Limit your public unsecured WIFI use until all software and firmware has found a fix and you've installed
    How it works

    Hackers have found a way to crack the security of wireless routers security encryption and right now there are no fixes. To infect your home network the hacker would have to live next door, or be parked outside for about ten minutes. However your phone or computer can be infected on public network and you can bring it home. Antivirus software won't detect it. Android and Lynix are most vulnerable.

    So engineers are scrambling for operating system, driver and firmware fixes. All devices (printers, routers, phones, tablets, computers and any other that uses WIFI) will have to their firmware or software updated.
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