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  • What's Your Computer and/or Tablet?

    Frankly I have a bunch, as I live on them when not working in the shop, driving cross country, or doing yardwork.

    Because I can't sit still, and lead a multitasking life, my most used is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - mostly as a tablet. Right now I'm in a recliner in my Mancave watching the financial news while I type this as a tablet. All weekend long I convert MoparStyle to VB5 Connect while watching News, car show, Football and the Astros. It can do most anything a desktop can, but is a slight PITA to type with. I never watch TV without it in my lap as I'm too restless to rest.

    There is a desk in my Man Cave, and it has a Dell Notebook on it.mIt's main purpose is is my Weather Station while racing, and for Internet between rounds. It stays in the trailer when racing and I use the Surface Pro in the motorhome or when visiting family out of town.

    In my travel bag is an old iPad II that is my ebook.

    The adjoining room to my man cave is my office. I have an older, but powerful Dell Tower with big screen. It is mostly use for my accounting (I treat my personal life as a business and cut all checks, and track all assets and liabilities for a personal Balance Sheet and Income Statement) and graphics, which I really can't do on a tablet.

    I have an office in my Barnaminium in Beasley, and a tower there, but I closed my businesses and let my in laws live there so we can care for them - so that puter is rarely used. There is alse a computer that was once my assistant's (when I had one) for accounting - but I set it up for my in laws for Internet.

    Finally, I have an iPad Air that I keep in the race shop to look up stuff and order parts. I usually take when traveling in the rare event someone else drives.

    So what do y'all have and what do you use it for?
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    Pretty much don't buy a computer anymore cause the prices for complete system seems to be gold for some of these company's.. I go to places like PC Parts Picker ..look at some builds... see what others say about certain parts..then put a shopping list together... From there I make sure to get the fairest deal that also includes returns in case a part blows up too soon. Then when the parts arrive..time to build, add software, and then tweek- overclock..

    If you click on the website...look to the tp where build system is.. Just for fun..just choose some parts and see what you can build...then see how much it could cost and if the parts are compatible
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      all of my desktops are over 5 years old, and I doubt I'll build or buy another for years as I spend so much more time on tablet/notebooks like the Surface Pro. Graphics are the only thing I find difficult to do on tablet, but I haven't tried hard yet. Every bit of the MoparStyle conversion (more than anyone will ever know as it was the most difficult computer project I've ever completed) except the header graphic was done on a tablet in a recliner.
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        I'm in kind of the same boat. All my persona;l machines are over 5 years old (Most in the 7-9 year range). I have 5 Dell D830 laptops which one finally died a few month back and a Dell Desktop. One of the laptops has Windows 10 Pro on it and the rest have Win 7 Pro. My Desktop has Win7 as I use it to play games. All the games will not play under Windows 10 due to security constraints of Windows 10. I have 1.5 Tb of disk storage (Will be upgraded soon as I have a 2 Tb disk I want to add), 8 GB of ram (mother board max) and 4 GB video card, and wireless nic. It runs well enough for anything I need to do for now.
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          I have a lot of Hardware
          • A Notebook that is on a desk in my man cave - only used fr drag racing and weather station
          • A powerful tower in my home office, was my most used computer, but really only used for cutting checks and taxes
          • Another powerful tower in my office, in my Barnaminium in Beasley. Seldom used as my Mother in law and her caretaker are living there.
          • An old computer in my shop, second most used computer. Used to order parts, look up tech advice, printing shipping labels, to do lists
          • I have an iPad mini that I use to use in shop, but my eyes suck and it is too small
          • An old ipad in my travel bag, mostly for reading and emergency back up

          What I use 99.9+% of the time is a Microsoft Surface, and 99% of the time sitting in an easy chair in Tablet mode. I had a Surface Pro 3 (actually still have) but dropped it in the motorhome after three years and the touch screen doesn't work in tablet mode. It works with keyboard.

          I replaced the Surface Pro3 with a Surface Pro 5, and love it. The TV can be on with a ball or car show (I'm in the middle of about 20 hours of Barrett Jackson as I type this) and the tablet is always on my lap. I dd two days of an entire server change in my easy chair. It is the most productive tool I've ever had.

          Anyone else using a Surface Pro?

          The one drawback is I make many more typos on a tablet than a keyboard.
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            I use a desktop Dell PC with and old school IBM "click" keyboard. No tablets, no internet on my cell phone, just all old school!
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