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What do you think of this carb

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  • What do you think of this carb

    for a bored 40 over 360 w/ headers, edelbrock performer intake, mopar elect. ignition, mild cam, 4speed

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    Looks like a 4160. Good carb and good price. Summit lists it new for $275.95.

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      4160s are good huh? is there a better choice for the type of engine im runnin?


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        I run a 670 Holley Street Avenger on my Dart and love it. Pretty stock 340.

        A nice Holley at a good price is a good ide.
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          Originally posted by jenkins71 View Post
          4160s are good huh? is there a better choice for the type of engine im runnin?
          I guess that would depend on your intended usage for the car. Is it a cruiser? Do you plan on taking it to the strip? Is it going to be a dual purpose machine? These are all things you need to consider.

          If it's just going to be a cruiser with an occasional trip to the track, you might want to go with an Edelbrock Performer Carb to match your intake. They are pretty reliable carbs for all-around driving and are pretty easy to tune.

          The EDL 1406 would be my choice.


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            That carb is a little small for your motor but if it's a daily driver and you're concerned about fuel mileage then it's perfect. But if you're looking for performance at the expense of gas mileage you'll want something a tad bigger.
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              Yup, on the small side. I like the carbs with the center hung floats like the double pumpers use. 3310 vacuum secondary carbs use the same type of bowl and use to come in 780 cfm and now in 750...not sure of other cfm sizes.
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                Holley? BOO/HISS Go with a Carter or Edelbrock.


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                  Originally posted by jenkins71 View Post
                  for a bored 40 over 360 w/ headers, edelbrock performer intake, mopar elect. ignition, mild cam, 4speed


                  I personally do not like Holley carbs, probably due to bad experiences with them in the late '60's-early '70's stock Mopars. That said, I would stay away from anything that said "rebuilt" or "factory remanufactured".

                  Many years of experience with rebuilt parts has taught me to either: A. Fix it myself, or B. Buy NEW! Many times even NEW carburetors need to be checked for proper float levels and linkage adjustments before using!

                  If your Eddy Performer manifold has a spread bore configuration, I would try to find a good Thermoquad (or NOS), and rebuild it myself; if it is squarebore, then buy a NEW Eddy 1406 as Cuda said! The Thermoquad will give better mileage and low end driveability than the Eddy, in my opinion, due to the smaller primaries, and huge secondaries!


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                    I remember the factory stock Holleys being troublesome too and I also like the TQ. IMO and experience, A Holley usually requires more maintenance and tuning. While the TQ will keep a tune longer, they can be a bear if you don't know how to tune one. I remember the TQ being even more of a pita than Holleys on factory stock Mopars and the stock AVS's etc didn't seem to offer a decent amount of performance. The Holley carbs that I've had the best results with were all double pumpers. In town gas mileage generally sucks with them but can be pretty good out on the highway IF you have a steady foot. If you set them up for max performance, forget about decent highway mileage too. Can't give you much info on the present day carbs from Edelbrock because I haven't had any experience with them....but others seem to like them. So far, the best street carb I've ever had was a TQ on a 71 340 Cuda. Real decent in town mileage and it performed very good but it took me awhile to figure it out after a rebuild. A tool that no TQ tuner should be without is the one that allows easy adjustment of the secondary air door (looks like a choke plate on the back barrels). The adjustment can be done without it but having it makes things a LOT easier.


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                      Amen to the comments on the TQ incl the one about that tool. I just wish I could find a TQ, with an integral electric choke!


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                        I agree with Cranky on the Thermoquad....they rock! In stock Mopar form, there were a couple of problems that cropped up with them over the years, like sunken plastic floats (brass are available, and were in the early carbs!), the O-rings in the bowl under the top air horn, and the early base gaskets, but once they were set up properly, they couldn't be beat!! The biggest problem with them is that nobody takes the time to make ALL of the tons of linkage adjustments in the proper order....each adjustment depends on the previous adjustment being CORRECT!! Most of the problems associated with Thermoquads are due to "technician error". The carbs are great!

                        I have had Thermoquads on my daily drivers for over 30 years, and almost NEVER had to touch them, except a yearly choke and linkage spraydown!

                        I once bought a '76 Cordoba from the original owner for $100. because nobody could fix the stalling problem when it was warmed up. I put a new set of floats in it, and drove it for over 4 years, got over 18 mpg with the 400 leanburn, and only retired it when the rear springs came through the floor of the trunk!


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                          yeah I have a TQ right now and I dont like it. It doesnt run very good when the secondaries are open and I still get pretty crappy gas mileage. What would be the best size carb for me?


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                            oh yeah, and my car is a 71 satellite that is not a drag car, but I do like to drive it hard... its my daily driver too


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                              Originally posted by volaredon View Post
                              Amen to the comments on the TQ incl the one about that tool. I just wish I could find a TQ, with an integral electric choke!

                              Don, I just sold one of those electric choke Tquads, but I think I have another one....just haven't been able to find it!

                              In the meantime, here is a GREAT basic Thermoquad book...on Ebay (this vendor has several of them):

                     Q7c65Q3a12Q7c39Q3a1Q7c240Q3a1318Q7c301Q3a1Q7c293Q3 a1Q7c294Q3a50QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem 220309007753QQitemZ220309007753QQptZMotorsQ5fManua lsQ5fLiterature

                              The Tquad tool is a handy thing, too, but it isn't all that hard to adjust the air valve without it!

                              And for all the Thermoquad lovers, here is the BIBLE of Thermoquads: