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Dual field alternator wiring question

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  • Dual field alternator wiring question

    Hey all, new to the site but I have been doing Mopars for the better part of 25 years now. I have a question that has me stumped and I thought maybe someone out there could help. Heres the story... I recently changes to the dual field alternator in my 66 Barracuda. I changed the voltage regulator to the new style and added the second field wire and ran it to the ignition/on wire at the regulator (the blue wire) as per the instructions in an older article in a Mopar periodical. In the article it states that it doesn't matter which terminal on the alternator the 2 field wires should be hooked to as both are field terminals and do the same thing. After hooking it all up, the car would not start. I unhooked the added field wire and it fired right up, and when I tried to hook it back up it would kill the engine. I reversed the field wires on the alternator and it fires right up and charges as it should. My question is this... Why will it work being hooked up one way, but kill the engine when reversed? I don't get it. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Geof

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    I don't know as it should have worked as they told you. I'll bet the one field is grounded just like on the 60's dual field and hooking to it gives a dead short!!!


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      If it is the original alternator one field would be grounded by default and only needs the live from a single wire regulator to work!! The newer ones the brushes are both isolated so work as you wired or as i do I ground one wire to the body with a small wire and put live from single wire regulator to the other!