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What type intercooler.....

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  • What type intercooler.....

    Does a 2003 PT Cruiser come with an air to air intercooler or is it liquid cooled too?

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    Dunno, I'll ask y sister tomorrow for you, she has one. I THINK it's air to air tho.
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      Yeah, it's air to air. It has a nice dent in it on the lower leading edge but it's not from the wreck and looks like a bowling ball was rolled into it. It's been there for 4 years at least lol. Anyways, got the car delivered from the insurance company/repair shop today. They totaled it but are not doing a salvage title. Paid the daughter 4800 and she kept the car. The estimate from River Oaks Chrysler was 3800. Took about 30 minutes inspecting it closely (did a quick look at the shop yesterday) and it was as I expected. Needs a bumper cover, right front fender, repair the grille and a few odds and ends but within another 30 minutes I was driving it. Had to 'adjust' the RF fender with a BFH because the tire was rubbing it on a hard left turn. She bought a new bumper cover and it arrived the day after the wreck. It was 350 and already painted so for another 300 bucks or so, it'll look as good as it was before the wreck. Already found a fender for 90 bucks....