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PT Update...Road trip....

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  • PT Update...Road trip....

    Cranky, scroll to bottom....

    Rode tha PT to Cruise'in tha coast on Thursday...Me and ole Demon made several runs up and down tha strip(and if ya ever been to cruise'in tha coast, U know how that iz)...Then made tha trip back home...I got home around 5pm...Cleen'd tha bugz off tha front, fuel'd it up, hook'd tha trailer up and pointed it north...I got up @ 5 am and hedd'd north towards Tenn....jasper Tn, bout 30 miles west ov Chattanooga....I figger'd I would stop ever 150 miles or so for fuel, so I wouldn't git in a bind for fuel(altho I had 10 gallons on my trailer for set my cruise'in speed @ 65mph, and all wuz good(cept for theze piss po roads we have!!)...U would thank wit all tha teknoligy we have today, that theze road build'in people could git tha bridges a lil closer to tha road level!!!...That 6" drop ever time ya go from a bridge to tha road iz a killer in a shor wheelbase car, wit a 4 link....Trip went well, no problemz(mekaniklly)...Rite before I got to Chattanooga, it started rain'in, and about 5 minutes ov use'in tha wipers made me wish I had put new wiper blades on tha car......I didn't put new blades kuz I never thunk I would ever drive it in tha rain...Also, I gotta say I give them big Hooser's a 2 thum'z up!!...Theze Pro street radials never gave up nut'in in tha rain...I slow'd down, skeer'd tha tires would git on top tha water, but they stayed stuck to tha road!!!...They took a lot ov worry out ov drive'in in tha rain....Anywho, made it ther...made a new police fren in kemball, Tn...He stopp'd me ta see tha car, and wuz tell'in me he wuz a diehard MOPAR man too...:clapping:...He wuz a super nice guy, and alwayz good to have a policeman az ya fren in a new town....Stayed till Monday, and yes, I hadda leeve out in tha rain agin....Trip home wuz even better than tha trip ther...No mishaps, and tha 10 hour trip wuz a good one...It's actually only a 8 hour drive, but ya good for 30 minutes to an hour ever time ya stop for gas.......I felt like a movie they wuz no less than 500 pics took ov tha lil car on tha trip.....Fuel economy wuzn't tha greatest, avraged 13.2mpg over tha whole trip...That wuz pull'in my trailer wit 10 gallons ov gas, my electrik scooter, 3 drag props, and a few extra nessesity's....And them Mountians didn't help either..........Oh well, all wuz good.....Car now haz 6213 miles logg'd, and still rock'in!!, and tha longest run so far ov 9 hours roll'in time at once, without problemz!!!

    Cranky's version......Raod trip....All wuz good!!...:ROFLMAO:

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    What's a raaaaaaod?


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      Daumm....How'd I do dat???....ROAD...U no, like GRAVEL RODE!!!.....:ROFLMAO:


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        Cool trip in a cool car. Sounds like fun and your car deserves all the attention it gets. So does the builder.


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          BBlock, met up wit sum Kanookz from Ontario while at tha Races....I been know'in theeze kanooks for quite a few yeerz now...They iz still Krazy!!..LOL.....Yammer toll me it wuz snow'in wher he lives up ther....U boyz got it goin on, kuz it git'z below 60 degreez, and I'm freeze'in...LOL....I Mite thank about goin up ther ta visit, but juss kan't imagin tha Kroozer wit chainz...:ROFLMAO:.....Thankz fer tha kind words!!


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            Just snow tires should do the trick. But you don't want all that yucky salt on that beautiful machine. Summer is the time. Lots of days in the high 90's and 100's this year. Summer lasts from July 1st to August 25th. Okay a little longer than that.
            Hey, bring your car up here for Moparfest next August. Lots of great cars and yours would be a great attraction.


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              Well old man you'd better do some work on that PT engine. With at least twice the horsepower, smaller tires, 1-1/2 times the carburetor I averaged 11.6 going to cruising the coast, only 1.5 mpg less than you. And that includes 1-1/2 times cruising, not just highway driving. I guess that Holley Quick Fuel and my tuning beats your stuff! lol
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                Thoze R sum impressive numberz der ole man....But U no my mota makes mo den 100HP....:ROFLMAO:....

                If'in U woulda put a trailer hitch on dat Demon, U could hook up to my lil trailer, then if'in U woulda foller'd me ta them ther Mountianz ov Tn, I will be will'in ta bet ya wouldn't be git'in 11mpg.....I actually git 15mpg on theze flat roads we got down yher, and have dun a lil cruise'in myself.....This weather iz git'in reely nice ta be goin to tha track and make a few pass's....I ain't skeer'd ov U or dat HEMI!!:ROFLMAO:

                Oh, congrads on tha new Troffy....:clapping: