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Choosing Cylinder heads

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  • Choosing Cylinder heads

    Hey guys,
    I'm building up a 440 and stroking it to 511. Id like to use a iron head. Is there a iron head that flows as well as the edelbrock/procom/stealth heads? Or is trying to go iron not worth it. IE if you port the heck out of a head will it ever come close flow wise to a non ported aluminium head? Goal is 600hp on pump gas.
    Id like to keep the compression low so add on a supercharger someday. Money being tight I hope before I die.
    My machinist wants to go full roller on the valve train. Tho this frees up the ponies how does it affect the life of the engine. I'm trying to push a 71/72 Charger weighing in at 4300# for weekend fun, not a drag strip runner.
    Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.
    71 Charger 340 904 w/670 cfm Holley
    72 Charger 400 727 w/625 AFB
    73 Charger 340 727 parts car. available w/o engine or trans

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    600 hp on pump gas with iron heads is a tall order.

    I have iron heads on my 63 Plymouth -- but I'm also burning 112 octane Sunoco Blue.
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      Stage VI heads are iron. Rollers cams are good but the more radical they are, the more spring you need and that's where the wear comes from in the valve train but as far as stock iron heads go, yeah, you can produce some flow numbers with them but it's the quality of the port shape that isn't as good as the more modern head if that makes sense. For instance, a max ported 906 may perform as good as a out of the box Eddy head but why do that? You can buy the Eddy head for less than doing up a set of stock heads and be ahead of the game plus you lose about 40 lbs.