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Here is is..1924 Dodge

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  • Here is is..1924 Dodge

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    A fellow I have known for years sent me these 2 pictures. I was a friend of his son, who passed away. Actually, his daughter did, he's not computer savy.

    1924 Dodge.
    He also had a 1920s HarleyDavison, years ago.

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    I wonder if a big block would fit under that hood?

    Seriously, a really nice old example of an early Mopar. I looks to be pretty much original too?


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      I like much is he wanting for it?


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        Nice old car. Cool wheels.


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          I like much is he wanting for it?
          Don't know, but I sent his daughter an e-mail. Upstate N.Y.


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            Shoot, I was just up there. Could have taken a good look at it. Do you know where it is up there?


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              Originally posted by QUADRATIC View Post
              Don't know, but I sent his daughter an e-mail. Upstate N.Y.

              If it is anywhere near me, I would be glad to go look at it and give an assesment, if anyone here is interested.

              It looks like a nice car, and in pretty good condition.


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                Sprakers, N.Y. about 45 miles from Albany.


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                  Had been thinking of getting myself a 24 Dodge for classic racing after seeing this little ripper.

                  1924 DODGE RACER 116794 116793 Cars For Sale in SA - CarPoint Australia
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                    Yes actually it should, I have some pics of a 25 with 440 in it, and my 1915 DB roadster has a 360 in it now. (how do you upload pics to the forum from desktop?


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                      Two ways to upload is to use a photo hosting site like or use the attachment feature here....but to be able to use the attachment feature here, you have to have the premium membership which is cheap enough. If you like the site and it helps you out, help out with the upkeep of the site.


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                        You can upload pics on imageshack without an account. (last I knew) It's as simple as going to the .com site, clicking browse on upload, finding the file on your computer, and hitting upload. Then follow the directions on share to get the link.
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                          My Uncle restored an old "Dodge Brothers" Doctor's coupe a few years ago- mid 20's (1925 ?) car

                          yours truly at the wheel

                          ck out those wooden spoke wheels !
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