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  • 1950 Plymouth

    I have a friend who has a 1950 Plymouth Mostly original with the flathead six still in it. Runs great and quiet.

    He would like to convert the windsheild wipers over from vacuum operated to electric wiper motor. Has anyone done this and kept their car original looking?

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    No but maybe installing a vacuum can might help? Have never ever messed with vac wipers....nice car tho!


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      The car reminds me a little of my Dad's 50 Plymouth. Well, his was a black two-door and I remember being about 2 or 3 years old and I couldn't wait for him to come home from work and pick me up to drive to the garage he rented a couple of blocks away.
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        It's odd that it has vacuum wipers, since my '48 Plymouth had electric wipers, and so did my dad's '51.

        I'd look for another Plymouth or Dodge of a similar year and just swap the needed parts. I know they were optional for a few years, and I guess he got a stripped model.

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        I also noticed something about the car....It's not a '50! That nose belongs to either a '51 or a '52.
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          Nice car.........
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            nice looking car
            Poorwhite boy


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              That's a nice old beast mate, I saw the same model painted cream driving down my road last week. I do know the Australian assembled Plymouths got electric wipers in 1952.

              This is a link that might help you out: electric wiper conversions, vacuum wiper conversion, 12 volt


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                Nice Dad had one too but he wrecked the damn thing...
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                  Cool car, I would have to agree with finding one with the electric wiper option.
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