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Very nice, but $172,000?

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  • Very nice, but $172,000?
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    It is an impressive build, but I think the grille should be chrome.
    I also don't think they are getting their money back out of it.
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      Another one like me. Put stupid money into a stupid car. If you are going to spend that kind of money on a build use a Cuda or Chally or something that will sell. I'd be surprised if he can get much more than $50k out of it, and I'm sure there is far more in it.
      I knew up front when I built my Plymouth that I was "wasting" time and money in a 4 door. I just didn't realize how much it was being wasted


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        If you're going to build a car like that, you'd better be fully willing to lose a fortune on it, or be buried in it.


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          It is nice, but way too much.