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  • 1970 B-Body

    I bought this project about a month ago. It is an altered wheelbase 1970 B-Body. The rear axle is about 6" forward. I have all fiberglass doors, fenders, hood, trunk and a full tube frame inside it. I can pick the front up by myself. Don't know what I am going to do on a drivetrain..........have to figure out how to post a picture????? I'll try it in my garage.
    I have pictures of it in my garage now.............

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    There you go
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      That should be a fun project!
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        rear axle 6" forward ? ? ? Sounds like a fun project.
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          kinda looks like a candidate for A/FX in the NSSA league to me.
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            Originally posted by hemisatellite View Post
            kinda looks like a candidate for A/FX in the NSSA league to me.
            That's kind of the way it is going to look, who ever thought you could find a 1970 A/FX ?????? Need me a motor now. The one out of my 69 is staying in it. Don't know if an R or RB...............


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              If the NSSA you refer to is the Nostalgia Super Stock Association -- the newest B-Body can be a 67. Additionally, the 67 and older can't be a tube chassis or R&P steering.

              Kool car though.

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