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How fast is too fast for a 98 Jeep Sahara?

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  • How fast is too fast for a 98 Jeep Sahara?

    How fast is too fast for a stock 98 Jeep Sahara? Some might know that my BIL is going through a nasty divorce and has been staying with my wife and I for some time now. He pretty much buys all the food for the household at least but I'm ready for him to move on. Anyways, he has a pretty well kept 98 Jeep Sahara with a 4.0 engine that has nearly 200k miles on it and he uses this for going back and forth from the east side of Houston to El Paso for visitation and court. The speed limit goes to 80 once ya get passed San Antonio and he drives this short wheelbase thing 85+. My wife goes with him from time to time for court proceedings etc to hold his freaking hand and I don't like her going because he absolutely sucks as a driver especially going that fast in a short wheelbase vehicle. After going to local places around here a couple of times, I quit riding with him.....unless I drove.

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    I would want to go 80+. I drove my brother's stock Jeep and I could not drive that thing in a straight line plus the ride was pretty bad. I could see it hit a big bump and going sideways on you. Plus it has 200K on it...and unless it's been taken care of you have that going against the vehicle too.


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      With 200K and going that fast he's looking for an accident, worn suspension parts are just that worn and can be a bad deal. Tell the wife to drive when she needs to go, don't let her ride in the Jeep and him being in a bad mood with his problems.
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        Sucks as a driver, 200k, Jeep, pretty well kept- by him or them?

        If he sucks as a driver, and it's not well kept- not very fast is too fast. If they've got suspension issues a good driver can keep them inline well at speeds, but most could too easily over-correct it. It's simple to know how to keep one under control before it's fixed- but if he doesn't, not a good thing. And most of those- there's a huge difference between wet and dry speeds. I'd tell her to drive herself.
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          Fast in any Jeep is not a good idea.
          200K? All of his suspension is shot I bet.
          Fastest I've been in my Liberty was 95 that gets the adrenaline going. I wouldn't go past 70 in a Jeep that old especially if his suspension is in rough shape.
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