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    Originally posted by Cranky View Post
    Not sure about it but I've been told that the dealer can find out from the vehicle's computer if it's been 'tampered' with, ie, tuner programs that have been added and removed. And doing an exhaust change shouldn't cause any concern...and keep that blinker fluid at the right level! :angel:
    Key Counts. The computer store what is called key counts or strokes. When you reset the computer, it sets the counter back to zero.

    GO into a savvy dealer with a blown engine and they check the computer and the counts are at or near zero. They know you have been messing with it.
    Companies caught on and there are some programmers that don't leave a footprint.

    As far as fluid and oil.... Man what a mess. They are so many different fluids and so many different manufacturers of fluid, so many additives you can buy, which some are approved some aren't.......

    We buy a lot of fluid. We try to stay away from the dealer markup, but sometimes have no choice. Mercedes Transmission Service at $893.00? Not uncommon. There are other companies that sell the fluids. The dealerships don't make them. It's still a mess. Back in the old days, We used to stock just Dextron II, now we have probably 10 different fluids on the shelf. 7 or 8 different engine oils.

    There is a global ATF that will cover most synthetic requirements, but not all.

    What a mess.....
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      Thanks for all the replies. I'll be sure to post when I actually get her looked at.
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