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    Wtf Curt? I don't know what your problem with GLHS is, but take it to PM's, we don't need that shit on the board.
    The retard cannot comprehend that everyone else isn't.

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      12.90'S Ain't to shabby....


      Best e.t.:12.90 @ 108 mph
      Owner's Guess:210 hp
      Dyno Results:203 hp, 240 lb-ft of torque
      His car wasn't that fast, I caught him on the return road and passed him in the pits.
      2006 Dodge 2500 CTD


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        I almost bought an 85 Shelby. Blue with silver stripes, 5 speed, and the Turbo. Last second, I decided to save $1500. and bought a 1983 White Plymouth Turismo. ( Omni looking ) It had the holley 2 bbl, 2.2 liter, with a manual 4 speed. I loved that car! Faster than it looked!


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          sorry Demon, I bow to you and apologize to you and the rest of Mopar Style. You are correct, and I'll PM you a message as to why the call out I offered.
          Please help support for Breast Cancer, ALS, and Astrocytoma, Brain Cancer.
          "At 200 MPH, you have no friends"
          I promise to defend my country against all enemies, foreign and domestic!


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            Originally posted by hemisatellite View Post
            GEEEEEZ! somebody had to post here and have GLHS sniff his stinky finger all under his and our noses again. I have a problem? yes I do. Calling you out GLHS, bring the best you "supposedly" have. Heartland Park Raceway, I think the meet is in August or September. Handicap start, what? 4 to 5 second handicap? OR MORE? I KNOW I'll have to spot you, I'll even give you lane choice. We'll promote it even, match race, I can even get free radio times! Best 2 out of 3. $500 wager, and loser buys dinner $500 max. Just please do not allow the turbulance when I pass you to cause you to have an accident.

            PS I know another member that has a DIRT BIKE that will outrun anything you "claim" to own or have owned. he's called you out before too, REMEMBER? yah, you never answered him or set up a race either! EVEN AGAINST A DIRT BIKE! Wanna take him on at the same event? In front of over tens of thousands of people? NO doubts, all witnesses, you go home in shame to never never/ I had a dream land, and agree to never again pollute Mopar Style.
            I've called out much bigger dogs than you before, and my win ratio is still at 100%. You are just the next very minor notch in my belt. Why not show up and let BigAls73Dart, with his dirt bike, and put a notch in his belt too?

            Put up or shut up plain and simple, a dirt bike against you, MY RED car, and / or both of us. Wagers have been offered for me, and I'll offer up BigAls wager as well. Does that make it more interesting? or make ya wanna cower and stay home even more? No matter where ya are, ya can't complain about towing distance, (like you'd have to tow anyway). Here in Kansas, we like to say we're already halfway to anywhere.

            Put up or shut up an go away
            I read the whole thread twice to see why this was provoked -- and can't see it. I don't need a PM'd explaination (I get so many that I never can get to them all) as I can't think of the possibility of any good explanation of trying to chase away people. We're not that kind of board.
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              reason sent to Old Demon, As I previously mentioned, I bow my head and apologize.
              Please help support for Breast Cancer, ALS, and Astrocytoma, Brain Cancer.
              "At 200 MPH, you have no friends"
              I promise to defend my country against all enemies, foreign and domestic!


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                Another Turbo.
                My rides


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                  Big op yuh all!
                  I'm new here, and so let me show yuh my FWD Mopar, that I've built over 6 months, here in Czech rep. Not so easy to build street legal car here, really.
                  Chrysler LHS '95, long time I wanted to find one.
                  This year I've got Best Street Legal Low Cost Vehicle price on biggest US cars meeting in Czech rep.
                  She's my only daily car right now, just found another one (black) inna junk yard, so I've got her.
                  Otherwise, now I'm building '96 Chrysler Stratus, so early I'll do some photos :-D
                  Family, my car, laugh and music :-D
                  Cause the best daily car is MOPAR
                  Moparista AS