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2006 Stratus Timing Belt mileage

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  • 2006 Stratus Timing Belt mileage

    Hey, does anybody know when it is recommended to change the timing belt on my 2006 stratus SXT with the 2.7 V6? I have read both maintanance schedules "a", and "b" in my owners manual and it says to change it for the 4-cyl engine at either 90,000, or 120,000 miles depending on which schedule. But there is never a mention of the V6

    Also, does anybody know if this is an interference motor or not?

    Thanks for your time

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    After looking up prices for a timing belt on O'Rielly's and NAPA's websites,, I think that this engine has a chain instead of a belt becuase both parts stores show a chain for sale.

    In fact, I think there are 3 chains in total, one primary that is large, and 2 secondary.

    Maybe the primary chain runs around the crank, and 2 of the cams. and maybe the secondary chains run to the other 2 cams..?

    I am really just looking into this as a maintenance thing. I have 95,000 miles coming up and am changing the oil/filter, air filter, spark plugs, flushing out the coolant system, and draining/refilling the power steering fluid as well.

    If u might guess,, I am kinda anal about maintenance. haha!
    1972 Dodge Charger SE, 318/904 but at least it's a slapstick

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    It is in fact a chain motor. The biggest thing is to make sure you change the oil and filter regularly, and use the proper weight oil, as the first thing to usually fail in the 2.7 is the chain tensioners. When they fail, so does the engine.


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      Thanks for the tip.

      Here's the cars history: I bought the car new in 06, I am the original ower if you don't count that it was my wife's car for the first 40,000 miles. It became my work car after that.

      I have done all of the maintenance, valvoline 5w-20 as per the owners manual and oil cap, with a new mopar oil filter every 5,000 miles.

      New PCV valve every 30,000. Dropped the transmission pan and changed fluid/filter at 60k along with new accessory drive belts. Air filters as needed, etc..etc...

      I have full faith that this is a reliable car, and it had never given me trouble. I i want to keep it that way. Lol

      do you know around what mileage the timing chain should be changed?

      1972 Dodge Charger SE, 318/904 but at least it's a slapstick