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1993 Caravan trans repair question

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  • 1993 Caravan trans repair question

    this is my 1st front driving Mopar. just bought a 93 Caravan for a shop truck. it needs some trans work. its a 93, 3.0 V-6, 3 spd auto trans. the tranny shudders when taking off from a dead stop, slips a little when shifting. plus leaks around the frt seal. anybody have any input on fixing it. or should I just go get a used trans & be done with it? are these things known for trans issues? I kinda thought the 3spd trans was bullet proof in daily use situations.

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    I'm not up on FWD Mopars, either......but maybe Trannyman will pick this up soon!


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      I think I'm just gonna swap a trans into it. I need to to figure out what will interchange into it.


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        Any 3.0 equipped car or minivan with a 3 speed is your donor, the transmission has to be another 3 speed and only from behind the 3.0 engine.
        1) Such as any 1988 3.0 car or van
        2) After 1988 the minivan with the 3.0 could be had with the 3 speed you want or the 4 speed you don't want.
        3) The Dodge Spirit, Plymouth Acclaim and Chrysler LeBaron (sedan only) also used the 3.0 with both transmissions so if you find one with a 3 speed it would work.
        4) Even the 1996 and later 3 speed from the minivans will work, though there is a cutout for them for a crank sensor you can just plug up.
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          The 3spd is pretty durable but the symptoms you describe sounds like it's time for an overhaul, Used 3 speeds are usually dirt cheap. Like 250-300 cheap, usually not worth rebuilding unless you plan on keeping it forever.
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            thanks, I was planning to price it out both ways. but there are several of those transmissions in the Pick-N-Pull yards around me. So for about 60bucks including the converter. its be tuf to beat just swapping it. thanks to everybody for there thoughts & help.