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    O.K., who here knows about Stealth's? I hear they had the Mitsubishi 8" rear, which is what my Arrow P/up has. I just found a LSD for it, now I'd like a higher gear ratio. The trucks had something like 3:50's to 3:90's, but I've heard that some Stealth's had a 3:09, much closer to what I'm looking for.
    Can anyone shine a light on this for me?
    I've not been able to find any sources of LSD's or ring and pinions for this application.

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    Does this help

    Team3S- Dodge Stealth Mitsubishi 3000GT Owners Pages


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      Looks like it could be, but not for me! A formidable list of rules for joining, and requirement of a home phone number, no cell phones. I don't use a home phone anymore...


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        try project zerog .com

        you should be able to find what mitsu has which ever gear you need from 3.54:1 in ram 50/mitey max, starion/conquest to the lower ratio montero


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          Is yours a front wheel drive or all wheel? Don't know much about them but was just wondering. I do know that a clutch change in a 4wd is a pita...