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I would not trust any dealings with coronet 440!!!

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  • I would not trust any dealings with coronet 440!!!

    First off I will say hi to the Forum. I joined because a recent search on google had a picture of my car that was linked to this site. Come to find out that Coronet 440 seems to think it is his car. I gave him a few chances to be honest about the car with no luck. I am posting this because if he lies about this, who knows what else he might try to sell, trade, or lie about. I have cut and pasted the discussion from the "Show us your FWD mopars" thread. I have put way too much time, love and money into this project for some @ss to come on here claiming it is his.
    Here is the conversation and it will continue on to all the pics of MY car. The picture he shows was taken at the 2003 Chrysler Classics in PA. If you notice in my build pictures you will see the exact same window stickers on the windshield. Three years of Mopar Nats and the Carlisle sticker at the bottom. This was the last show I attended before I tore it down for a almost 5 year resto mod.
    Originally posted by Coronet 440 View Post
    Here are a few of mine
    And Last my 1989 Dodge Daytona Shelby's

    Originally posted by moparkid View Post
    Man this car is beautiful, nice work! Any more pics? Specs? I am working on mine right now and can only hope it turns out like that! Is it lowered or is it just the angle of the pic? If so what kit did you use and how much is the drop? Any engine work? Thanks for any help! Wont let me post a pic but I am talking about the red/siler Daytona Shelby. When my post count is up I will post some of my project....just don't laugh! lol

    Originally posted by Coronet 440 View Post
    I'm a purist. So zero mods 2.5l, Automatic

    I'm a purist he writes :ROFLMAO:
    Originally posted by moparkid View Post
    Very cool. Is the 2.5 pretty rare in a t-top car? You still have it? If not you are crazy for selling it!!! I think mine has the garrett turbo but the head gasket is blown, well that's what the guy said when my dad and I got it. It is a project car. Would love to see more pics.

    Gee, he never posted any other pics, maybe I can help out on that....
    Originally posted by moparkid View Post
    You know of a good place for a Turbo upgrade. Looking at the eBay ones. Post some more pics if you can. Thanks 440!

    Originally posted by moparkid View Post
    Thanks man. Will check it out. 440 you still out there in computerland?

    Originally posted by moparkid View Post
    Coronet that the original paint on the red 89? If not how much was the paint job, looking together mine done this summer. How many miles on her?

    Originally posted by Coronet 440 View Post
    Sorry MoparKid,
    Originally posted by Coronet 440 View Post

    It has been a very busy summer.

    I had to sell the Daytona, and kick myself a bunch for doing so. But that just comes with owning cars

    All Daytona Shelbys with automatic transmission can with the 2.5l turbo. It had the long torque inducing intake the same one that is used on the Chrysler built 2.2 TII. But it has a small Mitsubishi turbo. The paint is stock and original. No suspension work either.
    2.5 Auto....He had to sell it
    So there you go, please be cautious when dealing with this liar. On to the real pics!

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          Base line dyno run after it was done, 20lbs, alomost 100 Deg day. Need to do a lot of tweaking. Stay tunned....
          Best run was the last run at 273.49 HP and 280.37 Torque.

          0.040-over stock 2.2
          Wiseco pistons Skirts/top coated"][/url]
          All ARP Hardware"][/url]
          CSR Electric Water pump
          Cylinder Head
          Done by MRPbody ported, oversized valves
          Cometic Head Gasket"][/url]
          ARP Studs"][/url]
          FM 475
          Fidanza Adj"][/url]
          Intake Manifold
          Cut, ported one peice
          Vac block"]Welcome to FWD Performance, Inc.[/url]
          Alum Fuel rail"][/url]
          Throttle Body
          Turbonetics T3/4 50 trim Stage 2 Wheel
          Spearco 1080
          Turbo XS Boost Ctlr"]Welcome to FWD Performance, Inc.[/url]
          Tial BOV"][/url]
          F.M. Stainless 3 inch mandrel bent
          T.U. 3 inch S.V."][/url]
          T.U. Stainless Header (coated)"][/url]
          Fuel System
          Walbro 255 pump
          Accufab A.F.P.R.
          Earls lines with all AN fittings
          All new lines"]The Right Stuff Detailing - Brake and Fuel Line Reproduction* - finelines of quality - pricing inline with all classic tube maufacturers[/url]
          New gas tank/sending unit/fuel pump mount"]Quanta Products[/url]
          A555 with 5K orig miles on it, polished.
          Mcleod Rev-loc"]Welcome to FWD Performance, Inc.[/url]
          Dual PP"][/url]
          Chrome Molly end plate-Omnipotent
          Quaife LSD-"]Welcome to FWD Performance, Inc.[/url]
          Level 2 axles-"]THE DRIVESHAFT SHOP[/url]
          Engine Managment
          Stage 5 Cal"]Welcome to FWD Performance, Inc.[/url]
          3 Bar Map
          3 Bar progressive Devils Own Alky Inj"]DevilsOwn alcohol water injection- methanol[/url]
          MSD Blaster coil
          Magnacore wires
          The following are Auto Meter Ultra lite series
          Boost 0-30
          Water Temp
          Elect Fuel Press
          Oil Press
          Innovate LC-1/XD-16 Wideband

          Suspension and Chassis
          Every bushing that Johnny makes is in this car-"]Welcome to Poly[/url]
          Custom Koni front and rear Adj coil overs- Thanks Cindy http://www.FWDPerformance"]www.FWDPerformance[/url]
          S/S Sraided Lines http://www.fwdperformance"]www.fwdperformance[/url]
          Carbotech, Bobcat pads-"]Carbotech Order[/url]
          All new brake lines"]The Right Stuff Detailing - Brake and Fuel Line Reproduction* - finelines of quality - pricing inline with all classic tube maufacturers[/url]
          Rebuild of my power steering unit"][/url]
          Chassis stiffening
          Front strut tower brace"][/url]
          Rear swaybar"]Welcome to POLYBUSHING.COM[/url]
          ADJ Panhard bar-"][/url

          You can see more pics on my website.


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            there is a forum that has Mopar build stories in it. You ought to post the build of the car less the personal issues (you have already made that point well enough) in that forum
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              Thanks man, I missed that forum, it is up on there now.


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                Looks like a nice car. Looked nice even before you started, good luck with it.
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                  WOW, you did one marvelous job


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                    Very nice car!


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                      Great job on the car,, as for the cornet 440 dude thats kind wacked?I dont get why he would lie hes stupid?


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                        Wonderful job!!!! That car looked good before you even started.

                        Kudos to you!

                        bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

                        Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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                          that is one HOT shelby, I know that car was never an AUTO, Ive seen that car on turbo dodge. an 89 Shelby should have came with a TII 2.2L and a 555 manual, and all of the 2.2L and 2.5L used the same intakes from 88 to 93. That other fellow definitely doesn't know is turbo dodge stuff lol.
                          You did one helluva a job on that car.
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                            Still one of the best if not the best Shelby Dodge restores out there. I am the pope on and the car is in the 56,000 megadeath post. I still pop over and look at muscle cars as I still have a couple. But I use a different name here and so I didn't know it wasn't you lol. The guy may have a t top car and may not know how to post a photo and coping yours was easy. But to take a lot of pictures and post them up as yours is BS of course. Try to be flattered instead of bent lol.

                            Most Mopar people are separated. Clubs for Shelby Dodges, clubs for Neons, clubs for the Cummins trucks, clubs for the new hemis. Any one type of member doesn't believe that the others are Mopars worth mentioning. Kind of rare to see some one from TD here for that reason, even though a FWD shelby Dodge has a higher percentage of real Mopar in it than a new gen 3 hemi.

                            You need to drop in every couple months and set people straight. Most here think the 2.2 is a Mitsubishi lol.


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                              I've only read a few of your posts so far but in the last few you've made, you've insulted most of the members here. What's your problem? If you think this site is full of cave men with blue hair that doesn't know their asses from a hole in the ground, why do you even come here?? No one here has blue hair and no one here are cave men and I bet your ass to a hole in the ground that 99% of the members here know who made the 2.2!