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06 grand caravan 3.8 head bolt torque?

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  • 06 grand caravan 3.8 head bolt torque?

    as title says. Got goaded into a motor swap for my little brother (rod knock) Going to do head gaskets and a complete reseal while replacement engine is still out/
    What is the head bolt sequence and torque spec for this engine?

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    Found this on the net.......

    The tightening steps are: 45, 65, 65 again foot-pounds, plus then a 1/4 turn (that last done with a solid handle, not a torque wrench). The torque level after the last 1/4 turn should then be verified to be at least 90, and if not, then replace the bolt that doesn't meet that expectation and re-do all.
    The pattern is:
    5 1 3 7
    6 2 4 8
    (spark plug side
    of the cyl. head)



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      wow, this engine fits in there tighter than it appears when van is all together; with the extra flange on the flywheel for the crank sensor, it needed to slide to the pass. side farther than I expected. When I took the motor out of the donor in the junkyard (U- pull type yard) I got the guy on the Payloader to snatch my replacement out once I had it all unbolted. The serpentine idler pulley and tensioner made the difference in having enough room to pull the motor out, before I took those off, the motor would not come out w/o lifting the whole van. (beat the alternative, to use one of their gantry cranes spread throughout the yard and trying to wheel a swinging dangling engine to the front pay window by myself..)

      I took the original one that came out, down to the short block, before I hooked the cherry picker to it. I put the replacement back in the same way. Lots more room to play with. After spending most of the weekend on it, I'm at the point of building the motor back up from the block up, in the chassis.

      I am replacing the valve guide seals and then putting the original heads back on the van as I go back together. Heads were not the reason the engine needed replaced, and I could not listen to the JY engine before I pulled it. I do not know why but the JY interchange said I could use a 2006-07 engine ONLY, and no insight as to why the interchange window was so small. I think I got the only 2006 3.8L minivan V6 out of all the junkyards in my county and the county north of me.... 3.3s were alot more plentiful.
      my donor motor came from a van that had a (very) minor fire and mileage about 8K less than the van that I am working on, has on it.

      I hate torque specs that end with "+1/4 turn" That tells me that the actual torque cannot be "that" critical.

      this particular van that I am working on probably isn't worth the work being put into it but that is typical for vehicles that my brother winds up with.....