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    I created and mostly completed the Moparwiki today. Add anything that will make it better.
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    What's a Dodge Shadow??? Is that one of them new-fangled front wheel drive gizmos they came up with??

    It'll never work.......look what happened to the Cord L-29!!!

    And there is a "Sundance", too??? Didn't they learn anything????


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      Just K cars.....they were ok and weren't too hard to work on. The 2dr was called a coupe but it was still a hatch back and iirc, the hatch from both interchanged.


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        hahaha reminds me of the 88 sundance 2.2L turbo i got for 150$ :ROFLMAO:
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          I bet a turbo Shadow/Sundance would be kinda fun....


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            We bought a 91 Shadow (in 91) and I embarrassed a few V8 cars. It was a 2.5 turbo mitsy.
            It was a great little car.
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              We had an 88 Shadow that was bought sometime around 91 iirc. It was a 2 dr and only had 30k miles on it but some guy tried to commit suicide in it by fire. It burned the back left of the car and smoked up the interior but it still ran great and for 600 bucks, we snagged it up and fixed it. Back then, the wrecking yards were full of K cars and the parts were cheap.