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1999 Dodge Caravan

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  • 1999 Dodge Caravan

    I''m trying to replace the windsheild wiper motor, does anyone have a diagram or picture from the factory service manual? Or ant manual, or a picture of where it's at?



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    Search you-tube everything there!
    2006 Town@Country loaded


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      Disconnect negative battery cable
      Mark the positions of the wiper arms on the windshield then remove the wiper arms
      Remove the cowl grille
      Working through the cowl opening remove the wiper linkage mounting bolts
      Remove the assembly turn it over and disconnect the wiper motor electrical connector
      Pry off the drive link with a screwdriver hold the motor drive crank with a wrench remove the nut and detach the crank then remove the three screws and detach the motor


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        Thanks, i just can't wait to tackle this. Maybe it easy for you, but the old 1992 Caravan took me almost a day, yes I'm that slow.
        HOWEVER...whan i did the 92, the new chinese Wiper motor lasted less that 5 minutes til the pop rivets broke, so back to the Advance Auto, and got an American one that was rebuilt. Nice strong screws in place of thr cheap pop rivets...I guess that's why I'm not all fired up to do this again.

        thanks for the help!