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  • 02 intrepid q's

    this car has the dreaded 2.7 I am tired of looking at it, been here too long... I did head gaskets sent the heads in to be checked for bent valves, and shaved if need be also replaced all the T chains guides and waterpump... I am now almost ready to fire it up; a few ground wires (for which I cannot find a spot to connect) the goofy belt tensioner and a heater hose pipe that obviously needs to be bolted to something and I cannot find out where it bolts up... I don't remember ever taking that off to be honest.... but it has a tab that needs bolted up somewhere

    I have tried and tried to post to the intrepid site and "I do not have permission" to post for some reason; I have 20+ tries and 0 posts there; and searching has come up empty...even though it recognizes my name and PW, and "welcomes" me tehre every time I try as well as tells me when I was last there I give up on them can you mopar Style guys with experience on these POS" give me a hand? I need this thing outta here... so please tell me what you know

    Ground 1; very short at back of drivers head not long enough to reach any threaded hole on engine;
    Grounds 2 and 3 One each side at back they go to resistor looking things I do remember then coming off the back of heads somewhere only long enough to go to backs of valve covers but these are mounted in rubber bushings; not the best to complete a ground; don't remember them coming from "there" though

    AND then we have the backyard engineered looking serpentine belt tensioner that I cant remember how it went, either

    I wish I knew someone that had one of these POS" that I could go have a look at... My Mom actually does but a different engine (3.2) and different year (98) as compared to this POS... I didnt want this side job from the getgo, but got prodded and poked and begged into doing it anyway I hate using other peoples' cars as guinea pigs on jobs I have never done... I can't believe mopar has stooped this low as to put out such an abomination...

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    ok figured out teh AC belt tensioner still gotta figure out where the grounds can go... short wires and no place nearby to be able to bolt to

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    Oh those 2.7's are turds, I saw a couple at a car auction one time, when buyers loked them over, they raised the hoods. closing them right away, then walking off shaking their heads


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      ok it runs; finally been here too long because I had never done one and I was actually afraid I'd mess it up I hate doing the guinea pig routine on something I have never done with someone else's car..... a stop by the JY tomorrow for a few bolts braces and clips and it's finally outta here....