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Rough Idle @ Start, 3.5

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  • Rough Idle @ Start, 3.5

    1995 Concorde 3.5, 130+ thou miles

    Starts OK, but idles rough till about 5 minutes into the run. No codes. Acts like it's got a choke issue if it was carburated.

    Common problem or? Runs fine after running a few, and no issues afterwards. No noticable change in mileage.

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    Seems like every time someone talks about a rough idle on these turns out that if they replace the intake manifold gaskets..and EGR..the problem goes away.. A bud of mine had the same deal..His intake on his got real hot.. Ran rough till warmup...or I guess the metals expanded to create a seal.. So at that many miles..maybe the gaskets dried an cracked???

    I would take some starting fluid and spray around some areas ..If the rpm goes up... got a leak... That be the ole skool way..
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