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Popped on a new Dart

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    Nice looking car. I think they have some Alpha Romeo (sp) technology. The turbo R/T car should have a fair bit of get up and go power. Seemed to be priced in the right area.
    Good luck with it. I'd like a new Charger. Not sure the V6 gets good enough mileage to rule out an R/T.


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      It's an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrafoglio Verde (think I spelled it right) lengthened slightly and widened.

      That's why the hot turbo motor is a smaller fiat engine.
      '67 Dart 270 4 door '72 340(9.5:1), 727, 8-3/4", A/C, original interior, big bolt discs

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        Originally posted by Cranky View Post
        Having the gas fill on the passenger side is a negative to me. I dealt with that on my 70 Challenger for years and never liked having it there. Why do they do that crap? The only thing I can think of is it's for the ones that like to run out of gas and they can add gas on the side of the road and not be exposed to the traffic flying by...?
        Congrats on the new car and keep us posted on it!
        I prefer the fill cap on the passenger side. Been driving Neons for 13 years now and just used to it, when I have to drive my wife's Camry then I forget and pull in on the wrong side. Of course the road runner had the fill in the middle of the back, real pain in today's world of short fill hoses. Might have to consider putting a different fill system on it and route it down from the C-pillar on the passenger side to the tank.

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        Originally posted by 270SE View Post
        It's an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrafoglio Verde (think I spelled it right) lengthened slightly and widened.

        That's why the hot turbo motor is a smaller fiat engine.
        From what I have read all 3 motors are supposed to be the new "Tigershark" motors. In addition to the 1.4 and 2.0 there is supposed to be a 2.4 at some point. But yes it is a Fiat based car since Fiat owns Alfa.


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          half breed with a mix of engines, like the Stratus. Except with the Stratus they had 2 2.4 engines, one US and the other Mitsu to confuse things.

          They talked long and hard about the POS world engine and how Mopar would never build it's own 4 banger again and the smallest engine was to be the 3.7. Then the Dart came along and they built a new from scratch Mopar 2.0 and 2.4 engines. The 1.4 is Fiat though. Heard talk of a 2.4 turbo AWD car, I'll believe it when I see it but i'd be nice.

          I love my PT GT, stone stock with stock tires and auto trans it runs great. 14.9 @ 92 MPH with a 2.20 60ft. Got a stage 1 for it this year, if I get the same 60ft with the extra 4 PSI I may make 14.5@ 96. Then I'll be side by side with the majority of STi owners. The intercoolers suck, adding a BOV and working around the turbo is just a great way to take all the skin off your knuckles. Everything from the bottom is as easy as any car, pray nothing through the hood needs attention. Still, the last true Mopar, chassis, engine and trans....


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            I have had thoughts about getting a Dart. I drove one and the 1.4L turbo has some power. It surprised me a little when I pushed the pedal down.
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            1977 Aspen R/T Super Pack T-Top


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              My daughter bought a ralley about 3 months ago and loves it. She bought the orange one 2.0 auto,run really good. Just did the first oil change boy what a different would under the car.